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CFD Analysis and reports to prove or improve our or your own design.


We offer consulting, based on years of experiences with hydro power plants.

High efficiency turbine runners for all kind of water turbines with guaranteed efficiencies.

Turn key projects. Efficiency and durabillity are the most important for us.


Hydropower is one of the cheapest energy sources on the planet. The cost of hydropower is dominated by the initial costs.  Maintaining and operating costs are very low comparing to the other energy sources. Hydropower is green energy source, as it does not require burning fuels. Operation costs are independent to fuel price fluctuations. Hydropower plants can operate for more than 30 years without any refurbishment or renovation.

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Francis-99 workshop




In year 2014 the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and Luleå University of Technology (LTU), Sweden jointly organized and started a set of upcoming workshops named Francis-99. Those workshops aim to determine the state of the art of high head Francis turbine simulations under steady and transient operating conditions.



Since we have already had experience in the field of flow simulations of high head Francis turbines, we decided to attend the first workshop on the topic “steady operation of Francis turbines” which was held in Trondheim in December 2014. The event was very successful and the best papers were published in Journal of Physics: Conference Series (JPCS)


The URL of our paper is: http://iopscience.iop.org/1742-6596/579/1/012007/



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